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Imagine for example that it’s your mother’s birthday.

A chatbot of the future will not only remind you that it is your mom’s special day, it will also suggest possible gifts, find stores that carry them, and order them for you.

Mostly, they are designed to make your life easier.

Call Mom can be connected to a variety of pandorabot personalities, including ALICE, Mitsuku, Zoe, Fake Captain Kirk and others. Zoe, originally designed for a Turing Test, pretends to be human.Feel free to shoot some questions his way to learn more about yours truly.He’s a pretty simple chat bot, but the more question he gets, the more he learns and improves!I’m passionate about artificial intelligence because I believe it could dramatically enhance the life we live. When I think about how amazing our world is because of the technology we’ve created, I am in awe, except when I encounter the concept of death. is an extension of ourselves and it’s the next step in our evolution.

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The Call Mom app utilizes Pandorabots to respond to natural language inputs. There is a serious limitation on learning in the free beta release: The bots currently have short term memory problems. can hold conversations on a variety of subjects and has received the award for "Most Human Computer" three times. She's also a little sassy, but is growing up and maturing.

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