E status ignored does not require updating

The proper way to solve this kind of situation is to handle folder and file permission separately, with something like: @tishma: Git configuration section and variable names are case insensitive according to the documentation, see the CONFIGURATION FILE section, so if the above didn't work for you then it was for a different reason.If the repo's local config already has filemode=true then changing the global config won't help as the local config will override the global config.They remain attached by a kind of electronic leash, like a dog,” Benoit Hamon, Socialist member of Parliament and former French education minister, told the BBC in May.“The texts, the messages, the emails: They colonize the life of the individual to the point where he or she eventually breaks down.” [How many hours of your life have you wasted on work email?Moreover, you would like unhandled exceptions to be available to both Rollbar instances with the ability to use the configuration options to filter out exceptions you might not be interested in.The way that Rollbar typically operates is to load a shimmed version of the library via the snippet listed above in the head of your page.is not the best practice and should be used carefully.This setting only covers the executable bit of mode and never the read/write bits.

Healthy Schools Act when it was passed unanimously by the D. Council in 2010 and signed into law by then-Mayor Adrian Fenty.

The amendment regarding ignoring work emails was included by French Labor Minister Myriam El Khomri, who reportedly was inspired by similar policies at Orange, a French telecommunications company.

“There are risks that need to be anticipated, and one of the biggest risks is the balance of a private life and professional life behind this permanent connectivity,” Orange Director General Bruno Mettling told Europe1 radio in February.

[The law requires gym class for all students, but this charter school is refusing] “I think it’s in line with what’s happening nationally with the focus in urban areas on the achievement gap,” she said.

“Folks are focused more on reading and math, and so physical education and health education and recess can get squeezed as a result by some very well-intended people.” Anthony says that physical education “is in­cred­ibly important as a component of the health and wellness of our students.” But she acknowledged that the schools have not met the mandates, which increased physical education instruction in 2014 from 30 minutes a week to 150 minutes a week for grades K-5 and from 45 minutes a week to 225 minutes a week for grades 6-8.

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