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This falcon cam is located in the Mississippi Valley.Peregrine Falcons can reach flying speeds of up to 200 mph and are renowned for their hunting prowess.When the newly formed United States set out to create a national seal in the late 18th century, a committee of emblem designers sought to find an animal that represented strength, agility, and dominance.Eventually, the bald eagle was selected and it became the national bird of the United States in 1782.Polar bears have large and sharp claws that allow them to break through ice and kill their prey, and also provide traction while walking on the slippery ice.A long neck allows them to reach through ice and into the water while hunting.Although falcons prefer open spaces near coastlines, they can thrive in environments like the desert and tundra.

All sea lions share the instinct to return to rookery islands during this time.

Researchers have also seen the Great Spirit Bluff Falcons take robins, bluejays, flickers, grackles, cowbirds, woodcocks, rails, terns and little green herons.

Falcons catch their prey by conducting incredible swooping dives from above, often striking their target by surprise.

Polar bear appearance As you may witness on the live polar bear camera, winter temperatures in the arctic can reach -50º F, with little sunlight and harsh winds.

Polar bears are one of the few land mammals that can survive in this climate.

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The Sea Jellies Cam is courtesy of, the philanthropic media organization and division of the Annenberg Foundation.

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