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Startup Ustream launched just in time to take advantage of this – they give users the tools to easily duplicate the experience.

Today, is launching its own network to allow users to create and publish their own shows.

Each Monday for the following weeks, will be opening their network to a new live video casters, serving as examples for the different ways fans will be able to use live video.

currently has a fully open lifecaster network, with profile pages and all, but is expanding more slowly.In this making-of video from the visual effects team behind the film, The Mill, the technical and creative processes involved get explored more fully.The Mill Visual FX supervisor Gawain Liddiard explains how the camera rig was constructed–using fisheye lenses on four cameras calibrated with specially created software to remove the distortions, and setting the film in front of CGI backgrounds to more seamlessly stitch together the footage from each camera.“We went in the direction of creating primarily CG environments, which meant that the stitches between the different points of view between the different cameras could be blended more seamlessly,” Liddiard says.Charges against 34-year-old Lee Moir, of Toronto, Ontario, include luring a child under 16, manufacturing child pornography and extortion.According to the Essex County Prosecutor's Office, Moir initially posed as the 18-year-old pop sensation on Facebook.

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