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Cats have long tails that help them balance, and sharp claws and teeth that aid in the hunting of rodents and small birds.

Like their wild relatives, domesticated house cats are known for their agility, strength, and coordination. Kittens are born in groups called “litters” that typically consist of 2 to 5 baby cats.

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When born, the kitten’s eyes are closed; they open about ten days after birth.

At around two weeks, kittens start to wander around and may leave their den.

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Church: at least three-quarters of adults across all ages from.

Design, many hours go into creating a profile that is not theirs.

Orientation is relatively easy, as the mountains to the east are generally visible from most parts of the city.

To understand the sheer size of the city, consider that Mexico City and New York City are the only North American cities larger than Bogotá.

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